About Us

Who Are We?

With over 100 years of experience that has been passed down throughout four generations of direct descendants of the original founder, Belmont Associates has mastered the art of acquisition, ownership and operation of Retail, Multifamily & Office properties. The continuity of this single-family group has withstood the test of time from its original founding through today. 

The fourth-generation member, Mathieu Rosinsky, is actively involved in operations and management, helping to perpetuate the business into the future. Unlike a REIT or a limited-term investment fund with revolving door managers and shareholders, the sole principal and decision-maker is here for the long haul. The shared family legacy inspires Belmont Associates to maintain and uphold the very highest standards of professionalism, propriety and probity in all that they do. All properties are owned by one sole principal based in Palm Beach, Florida. There are no outside investors. Belmont Associates are not investment advisors or brokers, and strictly manage properties within their own portfolio.


Our Properties

Belmont Associates owns properties located in towns and cities throughout the United States. The company philosophy is to purchase real estate as a part of its long-term portfolio. Many of our properties have been in our portfolio for decades, which we have redeveloped over the years through numerous changes in tenants and building configurations.

“Our business model has withstood generations of real estate cycles, why change it now?

Mathieu Rosinsky

Brand Integrity

All Belmont Associates’ operations are conducted out of our headquarters located in West Palm Beach, Florida. We take pride in the high esteem in which our tenants hold us to. In large measure, we attribute this to the efforts, professionalism and personal service that has enabled us to forge close and long-lasting relationships with tenants, which we value as among our most important assets. Our vision for continued growth includes continuing to integrate these standards into all business practices.

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